as einzige Schweizer Konzert der vier Jungs aus dem “big apple”! Yeah - we gonna *sigh* rock the boat!

Freunde von Arcade Fire werden ihre helle Freunde am tiefgründigen Sound von Ladycop haben. Indie rockers Ladycop hail from Brooklyn, delivering a sharp, feisty, assertive brand of music that is as fresh as it is subtle. The rhythms, lyrics and melodies all combine in a fiercely self-reliant sound that catches up listeners in an addictive sweep of musical power. Ladycop is a unique listening experience. Ladycop has shared the stage with Matt Hopper of The Roman Candles and Boston faves Caspian, as well as The Umbrellas and Lola Ray. The band plays New York City regularly and is now close to finishing their second e.p. When not performing, these artists are hard at it writing and recording songs. “Since we record and produce all of our own material, it gives us more freedom to do what we want… we’re always writing.”